Reina's Boutique, Lakeville, MN

Just as I have returned from Texas, I was given the free artistic hand to create photography art pieces for a new boutique that was set to open within 10 days. This was such a fun undertaking and certainly would have been impossible to execute without our extremely helpful, professional, fast printing partners, who deliver - always - the best product out there. It was incredible to see it all happen within such a short amount of time. Great things happen when you have awesome people in your corner! 

Texas Couple in a golden sunlight

The White Sparrow Barn in Quinlan, TX is an incredible facility that provides a variety of options to any kind of a unity celebration. Although beautiful, white weddings are dominant there, every so often, a couple with a different idea visits. We love Vow renewals just as much as the Wedding Days:) and the golden light! That is like a super cherry on top of you Wedding day/ Celebration. There is nothing quite like it. You can not order it, reserve it, guarantee it, but you can certainly pray for it:)

So much Wedding fun

Hello everyone.

This blog has been sadly quiet for too long. If you are part of our Instagram circle (@studiouts), you did not miss much, some of the excitement was shared on Facebook as well and now it's time to share here.....we were having too much fun being busy and loving every artistic minute of it. The great news is, that it is not slowing down, but we have more help, so the sharing here will come much faster:) Below you can find a few nuggets from a fantastic event by Heather Benge from Heather Benge Events, a wedding planning guru and artist, who organized and found an incredible line-up of vendors and put together all this beauty. Enjoy!

Minnesota Engagement

Iam always so excited when I find a couple that is willing to celebrate the winter portion of our weather reality:) And it is almost Spring, so the photography in the great outdoors will be happening much more often. But for now let the love of these two warm up your heart...

Him & Her

This adventure will be certainly one of my favorite challenges this year. Two amazing musicians getting ready for a tour, but also two very sweet people, who happen to be married and very much in love. Him & Her. In the beautiful town of Northfield, MN that both of them adore, we photographed their musical relationship without instruments, their love without romantic gestures and we handled it as a serious business:) I wish them both an amazing summer touring the United States and blessing the crowds with their incredible talent. Follow their journey on

New Ring Collection by Envisage

I personally love photographing people as I can never predict where the adventures will take us. I cherish these wonderful new relationships I get to build with my clients. With that said, there is a certain magic in photographing still objects, giving them a life and a bit of fame:) The new Ring Collection from the Envisage Studio has a very creative, fun and colorful spirit and we can't wait to photograph these gems again, but this time with their new owners. You can take a look at some of them below and visit Envisage for more! These would make for a gorgeous Bridesmaids' gifts.

Envisage Bridal Hair Accessories Spring/Summer 2018

Ok blushing Brides, so when you figure out the BIG items like your dress, the rings, find and secure an amazing venue and finally get to sit down....the list starts to fill up with the small, yet very important Wedding details. Envisage has you covered with unique, custom made accessories that include beautiful hair pieces. It was very exciting to see them up close through the lens. Here are some of the jewels from the Spring/Summer 2018  Envisage Bridal Collection. 

Wedding details

As we are booking another celebration of love for the 2018 season, we can not help but share some of our favorite detail shots. Brides, Grooms and their families often put months or years into the preparations of the Big day. There are many details that play significant roles in their lives and by incorporating these into the wedding design they share pieces of their history, heritage and hearts with the guests. Give us an opportunity to capture these for you in a way you will love to see it for many years to come. Don't let your wedding day pass by, get packed up and all the emotional and time investment of the wedding details become a distant memory.

Welcome Baby Emma

Every time a baby is born it is like a display of incredible miracles with a bow on it. Meeting a new baby always leaves me awestruck and in love, especially now that I am a new mom and know how much my baby blessed my world. Here are a few very special photos from this beautiful girl's photo shoot. Enjoy.