Your Experience


It is YOUR experience...

What would you like to remember it as ?

We understand the value of time and your investment. That is why we do not sell you an instant and cheap photography.  We know that if we learn about you and what you are looking for, you will be satisfied and proud to showcase your photographs at the end. 

You have the opportunity to meet with us first (in person, online) and express your ideas and creative goals. Tell us what YOU want while you have a cup of coffee on us!

We will happily assist with location choice, wardrobe favorites, and final touches if you care to have an additional input.

After your session (on location, in studio) we meet again. By this time, we should be friends:) You will get to see your photos, ask questions, create an album, greeting cards, wall art, provide us with feedback and take home an USB stick in it's own personalized cover.

Don't forget that YOU are our inspiration. In case you do not have extra time to meet with us before and/or after the photo shoot, we will make the presentation/ordering process easy over the internet.


What exactly can you expect from us and when?

* Communication about your ideas, timeline and goals prior to your photo shoot.

* Style guide to help with your fashion ideas. (This is a great tool to give you some posing ideas as well) It is yours as soon as we secure a photo shoot date.

* We will work with you during your photo shoot to achieve the best outcome complementing your vision. If children and/or pets are involved, we bring a surprise mini treat.

* Within 2 weeks we deliver an online gallery for you to review and we meet to discuss your experience, present you with your photographs in a digital form and order any additional products (8 weeks for a wedding).

How about sharing?

In the past our clients' experiences were altered while they were attempting to print their favorite images on their own and not receiving the expected standard. This is why we partnered with a professional printing house to deliver the best quality prints, cards, posters, canvases, albums and more for very competitive prices. This is the only way we can guarantee the quality of our work also in print. The choice is, of course, yours.

We want you to love and enjoy your photographs. We encourage you to share it, print it, display it. We understand what it means to be passionate about photos. You have our support:)